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Monday, September 2, 2013

Creative Writing Workshop

Does your child have a lot to say? Do you enjoy listening to his or her expanding thought processes? Is there humor, bewilderment, joy, and creative problem solving in your child’s oral communication?

How about your child’s writing? Do you see the same evolution of thoughts and imagination? Does the language flow drawing you in to his or her world? Or do you feel that your child needs more exposure to share his or her experiences to the larger world through his or her writing?

If that is case, you’ve come to the right site. Here is an opportunity to expand your child’s creative writing skills.

Our Creative Writing Workshop will reinforce the steps involved in the writing process (Brainstorming Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions).  Students will practice their creative writing skills in their response to fiction and poetry, and write journal entries on topics of their interest.

At the end of the four day workshop, participants will take home their compiled work along with the materials used to reinforce writing skills.

Dates: The Camp will run for four days from the 29th of September, 2013 to the 2nd of October, 2013.
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
Venue: Hari Om Vidyalaya, 22nd street, 5th Sector, K.K. Nagar, Chennai-78
Contact Person: Ms. S
Cost per Child: Rs. 1000/

Please email me for the intake form and I will send it out to you. Limited space available

Ms. S

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