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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afraid that your young child may get addicted to play instead of studying?

I realize our lives have changed a lot from the time I was a kid...all the nieghborhood kids used to get together and play for hours every evening. Once we got back we had to catch up with homework and study, but that play time was exhilarating!

I realized the true impact of our rush to prepare our kids to be geniuses or atleast better then the rest when a mom asked me what if her child got addicted to playtime in the park? The child in question was five years old...I reassured her it was the best thing that her child could do at that age.

Before you rush to fill your child's days with hours and hours of direct instruction of skills how about letting them explore in their play? By the way that too is research based...

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Oh! I will continue the posts on language activities...just getting ready for some interesting workshops:)

Ms. S

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